Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Weboof Media Convert Online

Weboof Media Convert Online is professional software to convert video to flv. It is powered by Shenyang Open Sesame Technology Corporation Limited Inc.

The software can convert avi to flv, mpg to flv, mp4 to flv, 3gp to flv which is convenient for people to use for the popular fields, like video websites, personal spaces, blogs, etc. and to share the videos with others through network.

Key Features:
1, The converter can run well through the standard browsers, like IE or Firefox, etc., only with the java VM environment.

2, No need to download desktop programs, avoiding the danger of viruses or theft.

3, No need to upload the video files to the server or save the converted video files through download or email delivery, and the converting process will be completely finished in the local browsers by weboof flv converter.

4, No interaction with the server of weboof flv converter in the converting process, saving much bandwidth for you --you can browse other websites or download the things you like, and weboof flv converter will not influence your normal network surfing.

5, Support large-size video conversion, weboof flv converter will finish your conversion work regardless of 600M VCDs or 2G HD videos.

6, Simple operation(With a client video conversion program operation is no difference), fast conversion.

7, weboof flv converter also provides you with video editing functions, detailed parameter settings. You can clip the video from the designated time or adjust video size, bitrate, sampling rate, audio tracks, volume, etc. to get flash videos with various kinds of accuracy and size.

The differences between weboof flv converter and other video converting programs:

1, Compared with other desktop converting programs, it does not need downloading and can run well when opening the browsers installed with java virtual machines.

2, Compared with other online video converting software: no need to upload video files to the server or to return the converted files to you by emails and download them locally. Since the converting process of weboof flv converter is finished completely in the local browser, the interaction with the server is reduced, and the bandwidth is saved. During the conversion, you can also browse other websites or download the things you like. In a word, the converter will not influence your network surfing.

Main Functions
1, Convert videos
Convert AVI, MPG, MP4, 3GP files to FLV videos.

2, Clip videos
Clip the video from the designated time.

You can learn more about Weboof Media Convert Online at www.immiss.com .

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