Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

How To Upload Dvd Clips To Youtube

# This is how to convert DVD to MP4 in one-step:

Open the program and click "Load DVD" to load your DVD in. Unfold the Video_TS folder and select the title and chapter to convert. Select YouTube resolution (*.mp4) in "Style", and set your output folder in "Output". Click the big button to start the conversion, and done. If you want to merge the non-adjacent chapters, get the “Merge into one file” checked.

# Get a 10 minute video clip from the DVD movie

Use the video trimming function offered by the program:

Click Customize>Trim, adjust the "Start Time", "End Time" and then click the "Apply" immediately behind. Or, you can drag the handles on the slide for a rough position and then adjust the start and end time precisely in "Start Time", "End Time".

# Get rid of the black margins on the movie

Use the video cropping function offered by the program:

Drag the dot frame or select in the "Letter Box" for a section. Set the values for "Top", and "Left", etc. for preciseness. Click “OK” to confirm.

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