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Mp5 Player - Portable Media Player Got Bigger

Basically Mp5 player is an advanced version of portable digital media player that do more than just playing music files. Some might argue why to go for MP5 player, especially when they are satisfied with the performance of their MP3 or MP4 players? Well no doubt MP3 players have created a niche for themselves, but technology is changing everyday and hence it`s essential for you to keep updating your portable digital music player in order to synchronize itself with the latest technology. So it can be said that this new MP5 player is a technological transformation of earlier Mp3 player.

Now let`s discuss some advance features this MP5 player has which enable it to stand out from its earlier avatars.

Expandable memory:

How many times you have felt disappointed when your mp3 or mp4 player has no more space to store more songs or videos? Well with MP5 player, you can now store as much information as you like. It has built-in SD and MMC card slots through which you can expand the memory capacity of your mp5 player as and when you like.

Support to other advanced technology:

This new MP5 player have embedded features through which you can synchronize your portable media player with more advanced technological features to avail Wi-fi, Blue-tooth, GPS (Global Positioning System), DVB-T and many such functions. This is delightful news for music lovers because earlier these facilities weren`t available in MP3 or MP4 players.

Built-in DV camera:

Now you can record videos with the built-in DV camera and with its expandable memory you can store as much as of your favorite videos. What is more, mp5 players support a wide range of media formats which offers you some great options to choose from.

Better TFT screen display:

This feature is a respite for those who are dissatisfied with their MP4 players` inability to play high resolution videos. With a 2.4 inch vivid color TFT display screen, Mp5 player promises to offer you an incredible viewing experience. The device supports a wide range of digital formats such as RMVB/ MOV/RM/ AVI/FLV/ ASF/MP4/WMV/3GP/MPG and has also a slide show functionality feature. Hence, no more painful memories of low resolution videos on your portable media device .
Transcoding movies:

With MP3 or MP4 player you could only play video as per the standard format. But with MP5 player, you can download movies/video directly from net without any conversion. Now you can you can transcode movies into RealMedia`s RM and RMVB format video from movie or video websites to your mp5 player via the built-in USB 2.0 connector.

Now no matter wherever you go, you can carry your favorite movies along with you. What`s more, you can also upload digital books and novels to this MP5 player. I think this is the best feature offered to you by any portable digital media player.

Besides these advance features, the MP5 player also features build in FM radio, rechargeable battery and build in speaker. Its voice recorder feature allows up to 1120 hours of voice recording. The USB hard disk allows storing different types of files.

With so many advantages, Mp5 player promises enhanced performance in the portable multimedia category. Techno geeks are definitely going to love it. However, you should go for reputable brands while buying MP5 player.

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