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Dvd Film To Psp: How To Repeat Dvd To Psp, Adapt Dvd To Psp Video.

You can play files of the subsequent sorts on the PSP™ system:

Memory Stick™ Video Format
- MPEG-4 Straightforward Profile (AAC)
- H.264/MPEG-four AVC Main Profile (CABAC) (AAC) and Baseline Profile (AAC)
- MPEG-4 Straightforward Profile (AAC)
- H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (CABAC) (AAC) and Baseline Profile (AAC)
- Motion JPEG (Linear PCM)
- Motion JPEG (-Law)


Depending on the information sort, some information items can't be played.
The system cannot play video information containing video recorded for longer than approximately six hours and thirty minutes.
Some files distributed over the Internet might have playback limitations. For details, contact the content provider.

So if you wish to copy DVD movie to PSP, you ought to convert DVD to PSP movie first.

Now initial issue you need to try to to is settle on what DVD you wish to rip. This will be anything from a 2 hour movie to an episode of your favorite TV show. Now clearly, relying on the length of your video, the scale of the file can be larger. So be prepared to form area for these files on your computer.

Now you wish to put your DVD into the DVD drive of your computer. Now start up SmartRipper. It can check the drive to see if it can scan the files or not. If all works you'll get a replacement window with a lot of stuff on it. Now first issue you need to do is click on the Settings button. Underneath File - Splitting, select max-filesize and under max-filesize sort 9999. Hit Ok to save the settings. Now on this screen, you'll see some words like Program Chain, Angle 1, etc. Now one among the angles in the Program Chain can be highlighted. This can also have a timestamp in [] next to it. This is often your main movie.

Currently presumably, you only need one language and you speak that language thus no subtitles are needed. Thus click the Stream Processing tab and click on on Enable Stream Processing. Now you will see stuff like Audio English, Subtitles Espanol, etc. Choose the Audio you want and uncheck all the others. Conjointly uncheck all the subtitle streams. Currently after this is done, click on the Folder at the bottom of the window and choose a file name for the DVD files and choose a folder to avoid wasting them in. Build this file name one thing relevant, like Family Guy - 01 - Death Has A Shadow. You'll want this for the PSP to grasp what the video is. When all of this is often configured click the Start button. Now the ripping process might take anywhere from a couple of minutes to some hours. It all depends on how briskly your pc is. After it's all done, shut the program.

Nearly there

Now it's time to open up PSP Video 9. Initial factor you wish to do is hook up your PSP to your laptop via a USB Cable. After you are doing this click on Setup on PSP Video nine and on PSP Drive, click Auto Find. You'll be able to also specify a completely different video output directory, but it isn't necesary. You'll be able to conjointly amendment the Default Profile to your liking. I like 368x208, 29.97fps, 768kbps Stereo, 128kbps myself, but it's up to you. The resolution (e.g. 320x240) is how your video can look. 320x240 is standard, and 368x207 is widescreen (native PSP resolution). Take your choose between the two. Currently you would like to come to a decision on the bitrate (e.g. 768kbps). The upper this is often, the better the quality, but the larger the file size. Therefore i might advocate 768kbps for someone with a 512MB stick, and 1500kbps for somebody with a 1GB stick. You may want to go away the framerate at 29.97fps and therefore the audio bitrate at 128kbps for the simplest quality.

Currently that you've picked your video settings, click Convert at the high of the window and click on Convert New Video. Now you just would like to select the VOB file that you simply ripped with SmartRipper. Once you select the video file, the encoding will start automatically together with your defualt settings. When it's done, click on Copy and you will come to a PC and PSP file browser window. Now click the video file you simply made (should look like M4V10001.MP4) and click on on Copy Video to PSP. Once you are doing this you'll watch your new DVD video on your PSP via your Memory Stick!

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