Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Proximity Advertising!! Try It

The easiest means to attract customers and increase the foot traffic at your store is proximity mobile advertising. There is an entire spectrum of proximity mobile advertising solutions to choose from, provided by a host of talented industry professionals. The wide array of services includes indoor and outdoor advertising, media buying, signages and displays, and interactive advertising.

Whether you own and operate a restaurant or manage it; or own, operate and manage bars, music stores, entertainment parks, or malls; proximity mobile advertising gives you the opportunity to send announcements, specials, one time notices, and other offers to your customers and increase traffic. It does not have to be expensive, and nowadays, there are several firms who personally set up all the equipment, and take care of all the required work, while you can sit back and focus on other things. Times have changed now, and unlike the past, now, you can send content and get direct responses from the customers, from their mobile phones, provided the customers are in the vicinity of the store.

Few things which can be done include, broadcasting coupons to phones and other devices, providing instant savings or freebies; giving out localized information, like maps and other information related to the area. But remember, that, one must show content only on demand, that is, give access to advertisements, information, and discounts only when the customer wants it, giving them the choice.

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